Alsiano supplies a wide range of ingredients and cleaning/disinfection products for agro and pet food



Amino acids

Our amino acids are produced by the fermentation of raw materials from agriculture such as beet sugar, beet molasses or starch hydrolysates from cereals. An ideal amino acid profile is essential for both livestock animals and pet animals. Examples of amino acids: L-Lysine, L-Threonine, L-Tryptophan and L-Valine.



Foam generation during production of animal feed is caused by the presence of foam active substances in the process, e.g. sugar/glycose syrup and starch, proteins and by-products. Alsiano offers antifoams which are effective during the production and handling of feed. Moreover, they are permitted as feed additives by the b.m. regulations and allowed to remain in the feed.


Bentonite (filler and toxin binder)

Alsiano offers a specially blended, activated sodium bentonite with GMP+ and KIWA ATA certificates. This bentonite works excellently as a binder for powders, pellets or granules. It is also used as an anti-caking agent, as a binder and as substance for control of radionuclide contamination. In addition, it works as a substance for reduction of the mycotoxin contamination in animal feed specifically aflatoxin B1 for ruminants, poultry and pigs.


C8-C10 fatty acid

C8-C10 fatty acid is used as antibiotic for chicken feed and pigs feed.


Calcium phosphate

Livestock animals all need minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Their need for these minerals is even greater in certain maturity periods, such as during milk production.

Calcium is involved in bone and teeth development, blood clotting, muscle contractions, nerve impulse transmission, cardiac regulation and many other body functions. So it is very important to keep up with this need. Alsiano offers monocalcium phosphate and dicalcium phosphate.



Cheap energy supply for animals.


Inulin and oligofructose

The use of chicory-derived prebiotics is widely known in human diets. In animal nutrition, inulin and oligofructose prove beneficial for both intestinal health and zoo-technical performance. Prebiotics are fibres that cannot be broken down by the piglets’ intestinal enzymes. Unlike other fibre sources, they are fermented by a limited number of bacteria, namely Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli that will lead to healthy intestinal flora.


Lauric acid

Lauric acid supports the energy in feed for cattle and pigs.


MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride)

Medium chain triglycerides are mainly added in chicken, pigs and calves feed for energy supplements. MCT is digested rapidly and more efficiently than other fats. Test have shown that MTC given within the first 14 days post-weaning provided the greatest increase in weight gain compared to animal fat or fat with long chain fatty acid. 0.1% MCT in the feed increased piglet weight by 18 %.


Positive effects of caprylic acid and capric acid. Chicken significantly increased their weight with the supplement of dietary MCT. Provides lubrication. Reduces dust.




Soya lecithin with high concentration of phospholipids in a free flowing liquid form derived from soybean. Lecithin is used in feed compounding as an emulsifier. The benefits include enhancement of digestibility of the whole feed compound, stabilisation of health and growth, promotion of the utilisation of nutrients, and increase in daily weight gain.



Organic potato protein

Organic potato protein is a by-product of the production of organic potato starch. The potatoes used come from organic crops grown according to regulation (EG) no- 834/2007. Our organic potato protein is a protein source of the highest quality due to its content of digestible raw-protein and the biological value high content of limiting amino acids Lysine, Methionine, Cysteine and Cysteine.


Organic sugar molasses

This is a by-product from the production of organic sugar from organic sugar beets.



Rice flour

For the extrusion aid, addition of rice flour results in optimal porosity and a smooth surface of the finished product. Rice flour can also improve crunch and being a natural ingredient it is clean label. Rice flour may be used in grain-free formulas.


Rice protein

Rice protein is highly digestible, highly concentrated protein, and allergen-free making it suitable for sensitive animals. We offer guaranteed GMO Free rice protein.


Rice starch

Compared to other starch sources, rice starch is characterised by its very small granular size. This small structure ensures good accessibility for digestive enzymes and results in a higher digestibility of the starch. The high amount of easily accessible energy can help young animals to recover more quickly after stressful events such as weaning. Very good for e.g. young piglets, stimulating feed intake.


Palmitic acid

Palmitic acid is used as milk enhancer for feed to cows to increase milk production.


Slow release sugar syrup

Slow release sugars, high energy, sweet as honey, low viscosity. BeneoCarb S is unique sugar syrup which holds a high content of the low glycaemic sugars. Even though this sugar syrup is taken up more slowly, it has been proven to be fully digested in the small intestine of pigs. This gives a balanced and prolonged energy supply in line with the needs of the piglet. BeneoCarb S is used as an energy booster for sows in the faring stable and in pellets for piglets. BeneoCarb can also be used to increase the number of milking in milking robots.


Vital wheat gluten

Vital wheat gluten is a vegetal protein source that is not limited to the nutritional benefit of the amino acid content. With a high protein content of over 80%, the vital wheat gluten grade we offer is one of the most concentrated vegetal protein sources and a perfectly sustainable alternative to animal protein. In addition, it has a higher digestibility than many of the commonly used vegetal protein concentrates. Vital wheat gluten is available both as powder and pellets.



Yeast products

We offer brewers yeast made from 100% real brewers yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) from breweries that brew in accordance with the German purity law. The high content of nucleotides, amino acids, Vitamin B and trace elements supports the breeding, growth and especially the appearance of pets and small animals.





Surface cleaning agent

Alsiano offers a foaming surface cleaning agent based on sodium trihydroxide and non ionic tensides. It has a high degreasing capability intended for household, animal stables, vehicles and tools. Organic dirt and oil residues can be removed effectively. To be applied with low pressure.


Alkaline detergent

We offer an alkaline detergent designed for piping systems, non-foaming. It is alkaline based in order to be able to dissolve and remove chalk deposits in pipe systems. This product has a special cleaning and degreasing function to be able to remove organic compounds like grease, protein, oils, smoke resins and animal manures. This alkaline detergent is useful in stables, slaughter houses and smokehouses.





Hoof disinfection

We supply hoof disinfection based on glutaraldehyde (formaldehyde free). This product can also be used for disinfection of working boots. The product appears with blue colour in mixed condition and turns yellow/green when no active substance is active anymore. To be used as a bath but can also be sprayed on. Suitable in temperatures down to +5°C


Surface disinfection with Glutaraldehyde

For surface disinfection we offer a product based on Glutaraldehyde (formaldehyde free). This product has a broad effectiveness against bactericides, viruses and fungicides. It is not corrosive and therefore useful on all metal surfaces that are acid resistant. Also, it works well on plastics and can be used in temperatures down to +5°C. The product can be applied with high pressure, fogging units and foam canons. Economical in use.


Surface disinfection with peracetic acid

Alsiano offers a surface disinfection acid based on peracetic acid. It has a combined efficiency against bacteria, virus and fungicides and is environmentally friendly. This surface disinfection acid works effectively in temperatures down to +5°C. The product is low foaming with minimal smell. It can be applied with all conventional application equipment.


Surface disinfection with bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effect

We offer a surface disinfection product with special effect against Coccidian and round worms. This product is very powerful and an effective bactericide with proven efficiency against most bacteria and viruses. It can be used on most materials and is effective in biogas units and in low temperatures +5°C.


Water cleaning in pipe systems and tanks

Alsiano offers disinfection products designed for water cleaning in pipe systems and tanks/containers. The products are based on peracetic acids and hydroperoxide removing effectively bio films and inorganic deposits. The products can also be used added continuously to drinking water systems to ensure good water quality and prevent biofilm forming in pipes.