Beauty & Personal Care.

Active ingredients, functional ingredients, preservative systems

Your local Nordic specialist in ingredients for beauty and personal care formulations.

High quality raw materials and innovative active ingredients for the Nordic Beauty & Personal Care industry. With particular focus on consumer trends and specific industry requirements, we advise and supply you with innovative solutions. 

Our range comprises a broad line of active cosmetic ingredients and functional ingredients for all applications ranging from skin care products in a wide sense, make-up, hair care products to oral care formulations.

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Solutions with care.

Environmentally-friendly and sustainably sourced ingredients

We supply a broad line of ingredients and raw materials allowing you to formulate natural products with care for the environment. Our range comprises COSMOS Ecocert certified ingredients, active ingredients produced from e.g. upcycled raw materials and by use of sophisticated green extraction methods.

Furthermore, we source palm-derived ingredients from leading producers committed to protection of resources and sustainable production, thus allowing us to deliver traceable, segregated and Mass Balance certified oleo-based products.


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Our product range includes a broad line of ingredients and raw materials for formulation of beauty and personal care products. From active cosmetic ingredients to natural preservative systems, functional ingredients, oils, and visual carriers, we have the ingredients that make your products stand out.

Browse through our product list and get an overview of the ingredients and raw materials, we provide to the Nordic beauty and personal care industry.


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