Defoamers & Antifoams.

Defoamers for beet sugar processing

Antifoaming products for sugar washing and processing

We supply Struktol antifoam products customised for different stages of sugar production and can prevent foam formation as well as destroy existing foam.

Foam formation is a common issue during beet sugar processing, caused by foam active substances like proteins and sugars. The occurrence of foam depends on process conditions, beet quality, and diffusion techniques used. Process temperatures and water circulation dimensions also influence foam generation.

For a smooth factory process the prevention of foaming is recommendable. Struktol antifoam products show good performance in both acidic and alkaline areas. The necessary dosage quantities vary and depend on different factors.

Product highlights.


Modified fatty alcohols
Yellowish liquid

Density (20 °C): 880 kg/m3
Dynamic viscosity (25 °C): 23 m Pa.s

Suitable for transport water and washing, as well as biological wastewater treatment (anaerobic/aerobic).


Polyalkylene glycols
Colourless liquid

Density (20 °C): 1,020 kg/m3
Dynamic viscosity (25 °C): 465 m Pa.s

Suitable for extraction, juice clarification, evaporation, sugar house and molasses


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