Defoamers & Antifoams.

Defoamers for animal feed

Efficient antifoam agents for production of animal feed

We offer antifoam agents designed to effectively prevent the development of foam during the production and processing of animal feed. These agents are in compliance with applicable regulations as approved feed additives and are authorized for incorporation into the feed.

Foam generation commonly occurs in the animal feed production process and is primarily attributed to the presence of foam-inducing components such as sugar/glucose syrup, starch, proteins, and by-products. Use of antifoam agents can be an important mean to prevent the onset of foam formation. The appropriate dosage of antifoam agents varies based on factors such as ingredient composition, temperature, pH levels, water hardness, factory configuration, and other variables.

To determine the most effective antifoam solution, it is necessary to identify the optimal dosage rate and select the best possible points for adding antifoams which must be investigated for each individual factory by carrying out work trials.

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Combination of vegetable esters
Yellowish to brownish liquid

Density (20 °C): 925 kg/m3
Dynamic viscosity (25 °C): 60 m Pa.s

Consisting of mono- and diglycerides of edible fatty acids (E471) and vegetable oils)


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