Defoamers & Antifoams.

Defoamers for fermentative processes

Antifoaming agents for use in aerobic fermentation

We offer a line of antifoams and foam control agents formulated for use in aerobic fermentative processes during production of various biotechnology products such as antibiotics, enzymes and/or amino acids.

Generation of foam is a common issue in fermentation processes caused by foam-active substances in the fermentation broth, escaping gas/air and turbulences in the fermenter. Often the substrates for propagation of microorganisms are high in carbohydrate, which are partly converted into sugars by enzymes. Both carbohydrates and sugars are foam promoting substances, but also proteins, trace elements and amino acids often present in the fermenter, can cause considerable foam activity. Besides that, during the aerobic fermentative processes, air is blown into the fermentation vessel to supply the microorganisms with oxygen. The excess air also contributes to generation of foam, and without the use of antifoam agents the fermentation vessels would overflow leading to substantial losses of product as well as to soiling of the plant and other disadvantages.

It is essential to choose the best antifoam agent with the highest effectiveness and without negative influence on the fermentation process regarding final product quality and yield. Our partner, Schill+Seilacher has developed a dosage system, which successfully has been used in many plants. Generally, the required quantity of defoamers is automatically and continuously added to the system throughout the entire fermentation process. Together with Schill+Seilacher, we can guide you to the best antifoam agent as well as the most optimal dosage system for your plant.

Product highlights.


Polyalkylene glycols
Medium viscous liquid

Density (20 °C): 1,015 kg/m3
Dynamic viscosity (25 °C): 500 m Pa.s

Suitable for fermentation processes, amino acids.


Polyalkylene glycols
Colourless liquid

Density (20 °C): 1,020 kg/m3
Dynamic viscosity (25 °C): 465 m Pa.s

Suitable for fermentation processes, antibiotics.


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