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In the food and non-food processing industries, there are a number of causes which can lead to foam formation resulting in a breakdown in production and significant loss of material.

To eliminate these problems we offer antifoams preventing foam from forming and defoamers for rapidly collapsing foam. Struktol antifoam agents meet a wide range of requirements and applications without disturbance on the production cycle itself. Struktol products offer stability in production, optimise final product quality and prevent contamination. 

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Overcoming existing foam and preventing foam build-up in washing and processing of potatoes.

Antifoaming agents adapted to each stage in sugar production.

Defoamers for cleaning and processing steps in vegetable processing. 

Antifoam agents for use in aerobic processes during fermentation.

Antifoam solutions for sewage treatment plants

Feed additive antifoams for during production of animal feed.

Antifoaming solutions for production of biogas.

Antifoaming agents for bioethanol production processes


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We also offer a broad range of STRUKTOL antifoaming agents and defoamers to multiple industries including the food industry – covering, among others, potato processing and the sugar industry – and the fermentation and the biotechnology industries. 

Browse our product list to get a view of some of the defoamers and antifoaming agents we supply.

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Defoaming and antifoaming agents with the right certifications

Our range includes both silicone and non-silicone based defoamers. In addition, our broad range of antifoams and defoamers for food processing also comprise Kosher and Halal certified alternatives. We also offers organic defoamers certified according to EG 834/2007.

All our antifoam products are ISO 9001 certified.


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Per Sigsgaard
Sales Manager
+45 26 12 82 22

Per Sigsgaard, Sales Manager, Alsiano

Responsible sourcing.

Our approach to sourcing and procuring products

We cooperate preferentially with principals able to ensure that their operations minimise the impact on the environment as much as possible. Furthermore, our principals must be able to provide their employees with a safe and healthy workplace, treat them with dignitiy and respect and in compliance with human rights.

Alsiano is a member of Responsible Care, which is the chemical industry’s global voluntary initiative under which companies work together to continuously improve their health, safety and environmental performance. Furthermore, Alsiano is a member of Nordisk Bioplastförening and fully commited to REACH.


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