Animal feed.

Raw materials and additives for agro feed

Ingredients and additives for animal nutrition

Feed with the right nutritional profile is important for the wellfare of livestock. We supply a broad line of ingredients and raw materials for feed including functional ingredients derived from natural ingredients with special benefits and organic grade ingredients.  


Our range of ingredients for animal feed

BeneoCarb S isomaltulose syrup  ∙  C8-C10  ∙  D-xylose  ∙  Dextrose  ∙  Fatty acids  ∙  Fillers  ∙  Glycerine  ∙  Inulin  ∙  Oligofructose  ∙   Organic grade  ∙   Potato protein  ∙  Rice flour  ∙  Rice protein  ∙  Rice starch  ∙  Palmitic acid  ∙  Lauric acid  ∙  MCT  ∙  Sugar beet molasses  ∙  Toxin binders  ∙  Vital wheat gluten 


Let's talk ingredients for animal feed

Per Sigsgaard
Sales Manager
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Per Sigsgaard, Sales Manager, Alsiano

BeneoCarb S.

A sugarbased lure in the through can provide more milkings and fewer fetch cows

SEGES, a professional knowledge and innovation house in farming operations, has tested Beneo Carb S as lure in milking robots. The tests showed that a dosage of just 100 ml per milking in the milking robot provided an increase of search of 0.2 times. Other tests has backed this result in addition to noting fewer fetch cows and cows in first lactation getting faster accustomed to being milked in a robot.

BeneoCarb S is a unique low glycaemic sugar syrup, made from pure beet sugar. The sugar product is dosed directly down into the through on top of the feed mixture when the cow goes into one of the milking robots. With a viscosity that is independent of the temperature, BeneoCarb S is very easy to pump unlike molasses which can be very difficult to handle. Moreover, it contains 20% more energy compared to molasses.


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