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Defoamers for sewage treatment

Antifoam agents for sewage treatment plants

We offer antifoaming agents for special use in sewage treatment, and together with Schill+Seilacher we can assist you in finding the optimal solution for foam prevention and foam destruction at your plant.

Sewage that enters purification facilities comprises a diverse range of components, with a notable presence of foam-inducing elements such as detergents and proteins. As a result, the extent of foam production varies significantly in sewage treatment plants, necessitating the tailored selection of antifoam agents to counteract this effect. A careful choice is vital to ensure effective defoaming without adverse impacts on the sewage system.

For instance, in aerobic sewage treatment processes, it is imperative to provide microorganisms with ample oxygen to facilitate optimal digestion of contaminants. Therefore, it becomes crucial for antifoam agents not to affect oxygen transfer as much as possible. Struktol antifoam agents exhibit minimal interference with oxygen transfer and offer the added benefits of being low-viscosity materials that are user-friendly.

Determining the appropriate dosage and application point is conditional on numerous factors and requires optimisation for each specific medium to achieve optimal performance in reducing scum.

Struktol antifoam agents can serve both as preventive measures against foam formation and as agents for foam elimination, with an inclination toward the advantages of foam prevention.

Product highlights.


Fatty acid esters
Yellowish liquid

Density (20 °C): 1,010 kg/m3
Dynamic viscosity (25 °C): 450 m Pa.s

Suitable for industrial sewage with relatively high content of cellulose derivates or proteins.


Modified fatty alcohols
Yellowish liquid

Density (20 °C): 880 kg/m3
Dynamic viscosity (25 °C): 23 m Pa.s

Suitable industrial sewage with high content of cellulose or proteins, cooling with high content of foam actives biocides and scum degassing.


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