High quality ingredients for food & beverages tailored to your needs

Our philosophy is clear.
To bring you world class ingredient solutions

We supply an extensive range of food ingredients offering one-stop shopping of products of highest quality with full traceability.

Natural ingredients take up at big place in our hearts. We specialise in natural and minimally processed ingredients for production of food products with perfect texture and taste with a clean label. 

Choose your market.

Bread – Pastry – Cereals – Gluten-free

Meat & fish replacement –  Ready meals – Dairy alternatives 

Ice cream – Cheese – Spreads

Liquorice – Wine gums – Hard candy – Marshmallows – Coating

Condiments – Hot/cold applications – Instant

Ready meals – Emulsified – Canned – Batter

Instant – Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic – Hot/cold

Protein enrichment – Fibre enrichment – Sugar reduction – Fat reduction – Better-for-you

Dairy fruit preparation – Marmalade – Fruit filling

Infant formulae – Infant cereals – Infant meals

We have the ingredients to make your product ideas come true.


More than food ingredients.

With more than 60 years in the ingredient business and an extensive global network, we also provide a number of services that can add more value to your business.

Among the services we offer are concept development, assistance in product development, and sourcing of special ingredients and ingredients with special requirements.


Check out our comprehensive range of food ingredients.

Our comprehensive product range comprises a versatile line of food ingredients ranging from sweeteners, proteins, texturisers and fibres to blends and mixes.

We offer a broad range of solutions for fat replacement and sugar replacement and are particularly strong in ingredients for clean label food formulation and gluten-free applications.

Browse through our product list and get a view of the ingredients, we can provide.


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