Agro & Pet food.

Agro cleaning

Effective cleaning products for agro and farms

We supply a line of high quality, powerful products for cleaning of pigsties, fixtures, machines, etc. Our top sellers:

EWA® FOAM Ultra: alkaline and efficient foam cleaner with excellent cleaning effect and ground-breaking foam stability.

  • Free from chlorine, colours and perfume 
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fee from EDTA/NTA
  • For use in sow pigsties and slaughter pigsties.

POLYCLEAN: universal detergent for cleaning farm buildings, fixtures, machines and materials. The product contains alkaline materials, nonionic surfactants an complex formers.

  • Can be used on all surfaces.

EWA® FIX: Very effective alkaline product with corrosion protection. Recommended for removal of rooted dirt. Excellent for oily and greasy surfaces. Contains nonionic and cationic surfactants.

  • Particularly well-suited for cleaning of vehicles.

PL56: Phosphoric acid, removes inorganic material and provides a strong cleaning effect and good binding of dirt. It used both for manual cleaning and high-pressure cleaning.



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Per Sigsgaard, Sales Manager, Alsiano


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