Ingredients and raw materials for pharma & biotech

Premium safe quality ingredients for pharmaceutical formulations and biopharma production

Alsiano offers a wide range of excipients that can be used to help formulate oral solid, oral liquid and topical formulations.

We provide a wide variety of pharmacopeial excipients, as well as technical expertise necessary to improve your formulations. 

For the pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostic industries we also offer inorganic salts for application include: Biological buffers, process intermediates, API synthesis, Vaccine manufacturing and Fermentation.


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Raw materials for biopharmaceutical manufacturing

Alsiano offers a line of premium raw materials for biopharma production for both upstream and downstream processes meeting the strictest requirements of the industry. 

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Our ingredients for pharma

Binders  ∙  Colour  ∙  Disintegrants  ∙  Emulsifiers  ∙  Emollients  ∙  Fillers  ∙  Film coating  ∙  Humectants ∙  Inorganic salts  ∙  Lubricants  ∙  MCT oil  ∙  Mineral salts  ∙   Solvents  ∙  Stabilisers  ∙  Sweeteners  ∙  Texturing agents 


Let's talk ingredients & raw materials

Lene Aarøe Nissen
Head of Nordic Sales
+45 22 70 10 02

Lene Aarøe Nissen, Head of Nordic Sales, Alsiano

We offer you.

From single ingredients to complete solutions

We supply the solutions that fit your needs whether it is single ingredients, or complete solutions in form of blends and compounds. 

Ingredients of highest quality

We provide ingredients primarily of European origin. We work together with selected suppliers guaranteeing consistent quality and full traceability.

Solutions for dietary supplement successes

We keep a close eye on the trends in the health food and nutraceutical industry, and always strive to offer multiple alternative innovative ingredient solutions allowing you to formulate the best products. 


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