Pharma grade TiO2-free coloured coating

New high throughput titanium dioxide free coloured coating from Seppic allows for accessing the future trend in pharmaceutical formulations

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a widely used excipients in oral solid dosage forms and has multifunctional properties making it a favourable ingredient for tableting including film coatings. Providing numerous benefits like opacity, light protection and colour homogeneity to the formulation, TiO2 is not an excipient easy to replace.

Responding to the new titanium free (TF) trend in pharmaceuticals, Seppic is, with its 35 years of experience and expertise in tablet film coating products, committed to develop products answering to these new formulation challenges.

Seppic has therefore introduced Sepifilm™ PW TF (titanium free), a coloured product range which could help the pharmaceuticals customers access the new TiO2-free trend. This newly launched range of Sepifilm™ PW TF colours, is aimed to bring multiple benefits and opportunities to the formulators in addition to the TF trend:

  • Titanium dioxide free, Calcium carbonate free
  • High throughput ready-to-use coating
  • Stable colours and flexibility to create multiple shades
  • Cost effective coating with an energy saving approach
  • Functional and non-functional possibilities
    Pharmaceuticals compliant

Contact our team to discuss your TF replacement challenges and to find the next solutions of coloured high-performance TF coatings.

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