Natural ingredient solutions for increasing the nutritional value

Boosting the foods and beverages with wholesome natural ingredients

We supply a wide range of ingredients for increasing the nutritional value in foods and beverages. Our range includes various fibres, minerals, vitamins, plant extracts, proteins and sweeteners with sustained energy release.

Nutrition Solutions.


Let's talk nutritional solutions!

Anders Jonsson
Business Development Manager 
+46 702 494 945

Anders Jonsson, Business Development Manager, Alsiano


Our ingredients for increasing nutrition in food products

Antioxidants  ∙  Bran & germ  ∙  Cereal flakes  ∙  Egg protein  ∙  Extruded pulses  ∙  Fats & oil powders  ∙  Fibres  ∙  Flavouring extracts  ∙  Inulin  ∙  Miscellar casein   ∙  Milk proteins  ∙  Minerals  ∙  Oligofructose  ∙  Palatinose  ∙  Plant extracts  ∙  Protein hydrolysates  ∙  Puffed grains  ∙  Pulse flours  ∙ Rice protein  ∙  Seeds  ∙  Sweetening extracts  ∙  Sweetening foodstuff  ∙  Textured plant protein  ∙  Vitamins  ∙  Whole grain flours 

We offer you.

From single ingredients to complete solutions

We supply the solutions that fit your needs whether it is single ingredients, or complete solutions in form of blends and compounds. 

Ingredients of highest quality

We provide ingredients primarily of European origin. We work together with selected suppliers guaranteeing consistent quality and full traceability.

Solutions for tomorrow's food successes

We keep a close eye on the trends in the food industry, and always strive to offer multiple alternative innovative ingredient solutions allowing you to formulate the best food products. 


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