Dressings, Soups & Sauces.

Natural ingredients for tasty solutions

Ingredients for clean and clear labelled dressings and sauces

Taste and texture are our absolute focus! We are at your disposal with customised solutions whether it concerns fat reduced dressing formulations, allergen-free products, clean label texture, or sauces with mouthfeel to perfection. 

Our broad range of ingredients include neutral tasting texturisers, natural extracts for taste and flavour, and clean label solutions for fat reduced products.

Dressings, Soups & Sauces Solutions.


Dressings, Soups & Sauces Solution

Fat reduction in sauces & dressings

Dressings, Soups & Sauces Solution

Clean label texturisers – hot conditions
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Let's talk solutions for dressings, soups and sauces

Rune Hammer
Area Sales Manager
+45 31 39 12 24

Rune Hammer, Area Sales Manager, Alsiano


Our ingredients for dressings, soups & sauces

Antioxidants  ∙  Clean label preservation  ∙  Clean label texturing  ∙  Egg yolk powder  ∙  Flavouring extracts  ∙  Heat-treated functional flours  ∙  Herbs  ∙  Hydrocolloids  ∙  Native functional starch  ∙  Natural flavours  ∙  Oils & fats ∙  Red wine extract  ∙  Rice protein  ∙  Spices & mixes  ∙  Spice extracts  ∙  Spray-dried vegetable powder  ∙  Stabilisers  ∙  Sweeteners    ∙  Texturisers  ∙  Vegetables  

We offer you

From single ingredients to complete solutions

We supply the solutions that fit your needs whether it is single ingredients, or complete solutions in form of blends and compounds. 

Ingredients of highest quality

We provide ingredients primarily of European origin. We work together with selected suppliers guaranteeing consistent quality and full traceability.

Solutions for tomorrow's food successes

We keep a close eye on the trends in the food industry, and always strive to offer multiple alternative innovative ingredient solutions allowing you to formulate the best food products. 


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