BENEO extends fibre range with barley beta-glucans

ORAFTI β-FIT barley beta-glucans are heart-healthy fibres providing food manufacturers an affordable solution in the beta-glucans category

BENEO introduces ORAFTI β-FIT which is a barley beta-glucans ingredient which offers a number of health benefits including supporting heart health and blood sugar management. The natural and clean label wholegrain barley flour contains 20% beta-glucans and constitutes a significant expansion of Beneo’s functional fibre range.

ORAFTI β-FIT aligns perfectly with the growing consumer focus on sustainability and preference for plant-based and wholegrain ingredients when making food choices. Not only does it contribute to positive impacts on heart health and blood sugar management, but it also provides an affordable solution in the beta-glucans category, delivering added value to both manufacturers and consumers. Furthermore, BENEO’s ORAFTI β-FIT serves as a fibre enrichment option, bridging the gap in fibre intake.

Adhering to Beneo’s commitment to sustainable business practices, ORAFTI β-FIT is produced using the entire barley kernel, ensuring zero waste during production and 100% utilization of raw materials. This approach eliminates the need for water resources, further emphasising BENEO’s dedication to sustainability.

Ingredient with proven health benefits

Barley beta-glucans have been proven to deliver health benefits. These viscous and soluble dietary fibres enhance the thickness of food, leading to slower digestion in the intestines by adding bulk to the stool and promoting regular bowel movements. Cereal beta-glucans have approved health claims in Europe and the US, and particularly beta-glucans from barley have shown to significantly contribute to blood sugar management and cardiovascular health. Lowering of blood glucose response and reduction of blood cholesterol levels are linked to reduced risk of coronary heart disease. Over 120 scientific studies have demonstrated these effects of cereal beta-glucan, gaining recognition and approval from EFSA, the FDA, Health Canada, and other national authorities.

ORAFTI β-FIT beta-glucan rich barley flour can be incorporated into various applications, including baked goods – such as cakes, muffins, bread, and biscuits – pasta, cereals, and meal replacements. Additionally, it enhances texture by increasing viscosity, making it suitable for dairy alternatives as well.

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