Squeez’Up: new innovative concept for active people

High protein pudding with PRODIET® Advance for active teenagers

Nowadays, healthy living relies on three trend dimensions: prevention, lifestyle and nutrition. Sport and nutrition are recognised as pillars of wellness and forms a part of the life balance of active people who has become actors of their own nutrition. We speak of active nutrition. They care about nutrients and their benefits in terms of functional fuel: vitamins, omegas, probiotics, caffeine, taurine, proteins etc. In 2016, a study showed that more than 60% of the respondents considered that “eating enough proteins” was a factor ranked as important or very important in Good Health. (1)(2)

Proteins continue to be used for endurance and weight management. This trend does not seem to slow down anytime soon. Consumers still require bars, flavoured milk drinks and indulgent products. (1)

INGREDIA is pleased to support active people offering their range of PRODIET® proteins and their new concept: Squeez’Up – a high-protein pudding (12%) with PRODIET® Advance for active teenagers.

PRODIET® Advance provides an optimal use of amino acids for building muscle mass and preserving it in young people who are growing. The indulgent pudding is contained within a pouch to be “on-the-go”.

PRODIET® Advance is native micellar casein which contains more than 87% proteins on dry matter. This unique micellar casein has been specifically developed to formulate indulgent high protein pudding of high nutritional quality (rich in BCAA*). Moreover, this protein is heat resistant – particularly for autoclave sterilisation – which allows it to be used for many applications.

(1) Passport, Healthy living, Euromonitor August 2017

(2) Global Consumer Trends Survey, Euromonitor International, 2016

*BCAA: Branch Chain Amino Acid

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