PRESCO puffed whole grains and toasted broken pulses

Limagrain Ingredients launches puffed whole grains and toasted broken pulses providing taste, nutrition and texture to your products

PRESCO puffed whole grains

With its merger with Unicorn Grain Specialties in 2018, Limagrain Ingredients today presents a range of whole puffed grains for all food applications.

Thanks to a patented process called PRESCO (PRESsure COoking) using pressure and steam, the whole grains are blown in less than 30 seconds, preserving the taste and nutritional qualities of the seeds. The unique PRESCO process makes it possible to have different densities for a wide range of applications such as bread, biscuits, salads, prepared meals, dairy products, etc.

PRESCO offers a wide variety of products from different grains, seeds and legumes, such as wheat, maize, barley, rye and rice, and comprises an ancient grain range too, including quinoa, sorghum, millet, spelt and Khorosan wheat (kamut). Finally, wheat, rice, spelt, kamut, quinoa, and millet are available in organic grade.

Toasted broken pulses

Let Toasted Broken Chickpea and Toasted Broken Red Lentil bring crispness, nutrition and new texture to your products.

Over the past five years, the share of vegan product launches compared to total food and beverage product launches has doubled to 6% of new product developments (source: Mintel)

Providing a source of vegetable protein, Limagrain Ingredients’ two new products, Toasted Broken Chickpea and Toasted Broken Red Lentil may contribute to this strong trend.

Thanks to their neutral taste and absence of bitterness, these two products are easily incorporated by up to 20% in bread, biscuits and ready meal formulations to reach the nutritional claims “source of proteins” or “rich in proteins “.

Toasted broken chickpea and toasted broken red lentil are clean label, natural, and gluten free.

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