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Ingredia ranges PRODIET® and PROMILK® provides added value to the food, health, beverage and nutrition industry

Ingredia is a French dairy cooperative, with 70 years of expertise in protein research for the food and health industries. Innovation is the core of the company’s business strategy; therefore they strive to develop unique, functional and nutritional proteins to meet the nutritional needs of specific populations.

Ingredia’s sustainability policy “Via Lacta” assures milk of the highest quality, which has passed through a soft filtration (non-denaturing) process to obtain proteins with high functional properties (good rehydration, high fluidity, creaminess booster etc.).

PRODIET® nutritional dairy proteins

Ingredia’s range of nutritional protein, PRODIET®, is especially dedicated to the nutritional market including sports nutrition, clinical nutrition and weight management. This range is composed of; micellar caseins (ex: PRODIET® Fluid), total milk protein (ex: PRODIET® 90), native whey proteins (ex: PRODIET® 90S) and whey protein hydrolysates (ex: PRODIET® Hydrolysate S25).

These proteins each have their own properties and their use depends on the final application. For example:

  • The micellar caseins are slowly digested and offer a high level support in muscle recovery. Thanks to the slow absorption of amino acids, micellar caseins help to maintain body weight after a diet.
  • The native whey proteins are rapidly digested providing rapid amino acid release which is perfect after immediate effort (ex: body builders).
  • Thanks to the hydrolysis, protein hydrolysates are a perfect ally in clinical nutrition when there is an issue in the digestion process.

Part of the PRODIET® range is available in the following forms: instant, lactose free and clinical quality (really strict bacteriological norms).

All of the proteins mentioned above are of excellent nutritional value boasting high levels of BCAA* and an abundance of all the essential amino acids (EAA) including leucine which has the ability to trigger muscle synthesis.

PROMILK® functional dairy proteins

Ingredia’s protein range PROMILK® is especially dedicated to the food market. This range comprises micellar caseins, total milk protein, native whey proteins and innovative protein. These proteins have been formulated to bring functionalities in fresh dairy products, cheese (traditional process, cheese without whey separation and imitation cheese), beverages and bakery. For example, the innovative protein PROMILK® 600A is a creaminess booster, ideal to prepare delicious yogurt, with high protein and low fat content, yet with a delicious mouthfeel of creaminess.

Dairy proteins equally benefit from a good milky taste and a nice odour. This has distinguished them as a first choice ingredient for development of nutritional products. With dairy proteins, you can develop indulgent, attractive and functional products.

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