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Alsiano offers a broad line of eco-friendly bioplastic compounds and biobased thermoplastic starches which are made from renewable resources and/or are compostable

Beologic steps into a greener world with carbon neutral compounds

Beologic is specialised in the production of natural, mineral reinforced ready-to-use composite compounds. As a manufacturer of sustainable compounds, Beologic has always been engaged to participate at the conservation of natural resources and environmental protection throughout their production processes. By using natural fibres or recycled polymers, Beologic compounds reduce your carbon foot print. Now, Beologic is able to make your sustainbility choices visible and measurable by calculating the carbon footprint and taking initiatives to reduce and offset it.

Since 2020 Beologic is a CO²-neutral labelled organization. On top of this, all Beograde compounds are carbon neutral by default and their other compounds (Beobase, Beocycle, Beosmart) can be made CO²-neutral on request.

Beologic achieves carbon-neutrality by

  • Calculating and reducing their own carbon emission
  • Producing compounds with a lower carbon footprint then plastics
  • Offsetting remaining carbon emissions
  • Taking measures to counteract
  • Engaging their stakeholders to ensure their buy-in
Agrana: Organically-based plastics – bioplastics from starch

Using their many years of expertise in the production and processing of starch, Agrana offers thermoplastic starches and bioplastic compounds based on starch from regional raw material of non-GMO source. The Amitroplast range of 100% biobased thermoplastic starches provides user-friendly starch for extrusion, film blowing, injection moulding and 3D printing. The Agenacomp range of compounds which is a combination of Amitroplast and other biopolymers is a home compostable compound for film extrusion. It contains up to more than 50% renewable materials and allows to extrude films of less than 15 μm by standard film extrusion equipment.

Epsan: Eco-friendly PA6-PA6.6 compounds

Epsan provides a range of high performance PA6-PA6.6 recycled compounds produced from postindustrial fiber waste and polymerisation waste of polyamide producers. The thermal and mechanical properties are quite silimar to primary PA compounds. The enhanced properties of EPLON+ grades make it a good alternative in many areas such as automotive, E&E and household applicances where resource efficiency, low carbon impact and the circularity terms are becoming common requirements. Each product offers ecological and durability solutions while offering the highest quality standards. Using EPLON+ compounds, enable OEMs and Tiers to reduce carbon footprint by around 5 kg~ compared to Prime compounds.

Alsiano is a member of Nordisk Bioplastförening.

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