Plastics for irrigation, water contact and potable applications

Polymer compounds certified for hot/cold water contact

Plastics are used more and more in all kind of applications in contact with drinking water. At the same time, clean water is getting more important and an increasing challenge worldwide.

Alsiano can help you with the right plastics with the expertise from our valuable suppliers that have long experience with these applications.

Plastics certified for water applications

One of the challenges in regards to selecting the proper materials is that the requirements for materials that come in contact with drinking water vary from country to country. For example, the material has to be approved according to many or some of these standards:

Water quality standard logos
Polymer compounds for water applications

Polyram group is a leading compounder for the irrigation and water industries, providing unique solutions thanks to over 30 years of proven performance. Polyram has great knowledge and experience in compounding a wide spectrum of polymers, combining PPS, PPA, PA, POM, PBT, PP or others with fillers, additives and pigments formulated to suit the client’s needs.

Superior stiffness and strength, excellent UV multicolor protection, high burst and chemical resistance, low friction and other modifications, while still complying with the highest standards for food & water contact application, e.g. NSF and WRAS certifications. These are some of the properties that we offer.

Water application examples
Water application examples.

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