Toasted buckwheat, the natural benefits of Kasha

Toasted Buckwheat from Limagrain offers plenty of taste, fibres and minerals making it perfect as a topping or inclusion in products with a natural and healthy profile

Kasha or toasted buckwheat is a traditional dish from Eastern Europe. In addition to its smoky taste, this toasted buckwheat seed is a natural source of fibre and minerals. Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) has brought together all the benefits of Kasha and launched their Toasted Buckwheat, whole seeds of toasted buckwheat. This ingredient will bring true differentiation to bakery products with its inimitable taste and subtle crunchiness.

Toasted Buckwheat is natural and clean label. It brings a natural and reassuring note to the consumer owing to the simple declaration of “toasted buckwheat seeds” on ingredient lists of bakery products. In addition, it is 100% vegetable and can be used in vegan formulations to provide a delicate touch. Raphaël LEROUX, Bakery R & D Engineer at LCI, points out, “Toasted Buckwheat is really an ingredient to discover in toppings or inclusions in bread. Toasted taste is a plus in the aromatic profile of bread products.”

Toasted buckwheat holds 11% protein and 2.3% fibre. Being part of LCI’s Taste & Colour range, it works great both as a topping and an inclusion for bread, bakery, cereal bars, cook-type applications, etc.

LCI’s Toasted Buckwheat has a reduced microbial activity and a shelf life of 6 months. Gluten-free option is available on request.

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