New unique high-end pharma grade glycerine

KLK OLEO has launched an extra pure and stable vegetable glycerine for sensitive applications

Glycerine is a very important excipient especially for sensitive applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Using a novel technology, KLK OLEO has just launched a breakthrough eXtra Pure and Stable Glycerine: ENHEX G 86 XPS which is a solution to maintain drug potency and prevent API degradation.

High-end glycerine for sensitive applications

The ENHEX G 86 XPS glycerine not only complies with the common monographs in terms of critical aldehyde and ketones and extended stability, but offers even more advantages:

  • Methanol content of max. 500 ppm of our ENHEX G 86 XPS versus max. 3000 ppm specified in the EP.
  • Low levels of Formaldehyde, Glycerinaldehyde, Di- and Hydroxyaceton to avoid contra-productive interactions with the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). Reactive impurities in pharmaceutical excipients could cause drug product instability, leading to decreased product performance, loss in potency, and/or formation of potentially toxic degradants.
  • ENHEX G 86 XPS glycerine is vegetable derived and non-GMO.

Extension of ENHEX G 86 XPS specification according to EP by

  • Formaldehyd max. 2 ppm
  • Dihydroxyaceton max. 5 ppm
  • Glycerinaldehyd max. 5 ppm
  • Hydroxyaceton max. 5 ppm

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