SorbicPlus microencapsulated sorbic acid

SorbicPlus provides a clever solution to reducing bread returns and wastage

With modern consumer demands for high quality, long-life bread and global pressure to reduce food wastage, controlling the unwanted growth of mould is an important factor of product formulation.

SorbicPlus from TasteTech is a unique encapsulated sorbic acid which keeps bread mould free for up to 30 days whilst also significantly reducing yeast levels, improving texture, taste and shelf life and at the same time keeping costs low.

The sorbic acid challenge

The sorbic acid salts are among the most widely used preservatives in the world exhibiting highly effective anti-fungal properties. Despite sorbic acid’s potential in being a highly effective bakery preservative, it has not historically been used in yeast leavened products due to its efficacy against the leavening yeast itself, leading to a reduced proof and a product with an inadequate volume.

The main problem in relation to yeast-raised bakery products is that sorbic acid has such a profound negative effect on yeast activity that it cannot be used directly. Encapsulation solves this problem!

SorbicPlus, how it works

In SorbicPlus, the sorbic acid crystals are surrounded by a lipid barrier material, separating the sorbic acid from the yeast and allowing the yeast to function with minimal inhibition. The encapsulation process provides a method for delivering the sorbic acid which maintains the proving times and the volumes expected by the modern bread maker. During the baking phase, when the yeast has performed its function, the lipid barrier material melts, releasing the sorbic acid enabling it to perform its function as an effective mould inhibitor.

SorbicPlus is perfect for sliced and packaged bread, bagels, gluten-free products, premixes, part baked bread, etc.

SorbicPlus benefits
  • Keeps bread mould free for up to 30 days
  • Blends easily with dry ingredients
  • Improves yeast activity
  • Reduces yeast levels by up to 40%
  • Improves dough texture and reduces mixing and proving time
  • No need for calcium propionate, potassium sorbate spray or vinegar
  • Resistant to high-speed mixing
  • Reduces product returns and bread waste

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