Raw materials for Household / I&I products paying regard to the environment

Environment-friendly and sustainable products


For Alsiano it is important to be able to offer products for the Household/I&I industry complying with the strictest environment and sustainability guidelines in the market. 


Palm oil is an important and much used raw material in this industry. Alsiano works together with one of the world’s biggest producers of palm oil, offering a wide range of high quality sustainable products from renewable materials. Our partners are able to support us with 2 models under the RSPO guidelines: The Segregation Model and the Mass Balance Model.


We also supply raw materials and ingredients for formulation of Household and I&I products that qualify for use of the Swan label, the EU flower, and the ECOCERT label (organic). Furthermore, Alsiano works together with companies that can supply CEFAS and HOCNF approved products.


All biocides sold by Alsiano comply with the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR).