Baby Food & Infant Nutrition Solutions.

Reduce sugars in baby food and infant meals

Minimising sugars and promoting digestive health is important from early stage of life

Good and safe nutrition is essential for babies’ development and long-term health. Ingredients for baby food are therefore highly controlled and regulated to ensure that it is of highest quality and safe.

Besides being extra careful about baby food, parents are also drawn to additional health benefits which can be gained through sugar reduction and soft claims towards digestive health. Chicory inulin fibres and isomaltulose are safe ingredients from natural sources and well suited for reducing the sugar content in baby food.

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Michael Telsing, Area Sales Manager, Alsiano

Baby Food & Infant Nutrition Solutions.


Baby Food & Infant Nutrition Solution

Mineral salts for infant formula

Baby Food & Infant Nutrition Solution

Improve texture and stability in baby food


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