Micro-encapsulated Polysaccharide Iron Complex

Innovative breakthrough product from Particle Dynamics enables use of Polysaccharide Iron Complex in chewable tablets and other oral dosage formulations addressing market needs

Particle Dynamics is a pioneer in the innovation of products to address Iron Deficiency and Anemia. One such product, Polysaccharide Iron Complex (PIC), has attracted significant attention for its superior performance in terms of absorption and tolerability versus other active iron products. Until now, PIC had not been available in a form conducive for chewable tablets, rapid dissolve applications or to enable PIC to be placed into matrices with other active ingredients possessing acidic or other properties that could negatively impact PIC’s stability. Now, however, Particle Dynamics has microencapsulated PIC ready for your next application!

Particle Dynamics has launched a breakthrough innovation to accommodate patients’ specific needs for the PIC product. Specifically, Particle Dynamics has developed a microencapsulated PIC product to enhance stability and enable PIC’s use in chewable and other oral dosage formulations. This innovation opens up for PIC to be used in applications previously unavailable!

iron deficiency anemia
Case Study: Microencapsulated Polysaccharide Iron Complex

Innovative iron deficiency technology to enhance patient compliance
Successful treatments are encouraged by continual use of the medicinal product. Overcoming tablet swallowing challenges has been addressed through chewable tablets; however, the active ingredients must be stable within a chewable tablet and have good taste and mouthfeel.

Particle Dynamics has unlocked an innovative solution to address stability of iron products in chewable tablets while addressing product organoleptic experiences.

Technology advancements in polysaccharide iron complex (PIC) microencapsulation influence a stable iron product while incorporating vitamin C in a chewable tablet. The novelty of the microencapsulated iron product innovation is that the iron is protected from other ingredients in the tablet preventing premature interactions and provides organoleptic advantages to promote ongoing iron treatments. The integration of organoleptic properties in chewable microencapsulated iron tablets is advantageous for the following reasons:

  • Flavoured naturally for improved consumer acceptance (especially for children)
  • Pleasant smooth texture, not gritty or chalky
  • Ingest without water
  • Easy, convenient – chew-on-the-go
  • Palatable
  • No discoloration in the oral cavity from iron
  • Increased disintegration

Descote® PIC 50% is a turn-key innovative microencapsulated polysaccharide iron complex that delivers the novelty in providing consumers with an iron in chewable tablets. The technology is a big step forward to enable solutions for global health problems that make a positive impact on the human condition.

Particle Dynamics provides a breadth of integrated technologies to streamline a fully integrated approach aligned with the trending needs of the customer. Particle Dynamics is a full-service contract manufacturer, backward integrated into functional materials that enable superior dosage forms. Coupled with an industry leading process innovation team, Particle Dynamics delivers a seamless solution from concept to commercialisation.

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Why microencapsulated minerals

  • Improved organoleptic properties
  • Flavour enhancements
  • Masking unpleasant tastes
  • Enabling product benefits
  • Chewable tablets – convenience
  • Products that afford smooth mouthfeel
  • Better options to swallowing large tablets
  • Products with improved compliance
  • Increased product stability

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