CaffShock® energy booster

A green fat-burning extract with tonic-adaptogenic action on the brain

CaffShock® is a 100% natural botanical phytocomplex containing the five plants: green coffee, guaranà, green tea, maca and maté. CaffShock® is naturally rich in caffeine, chlorogenic acid and polyphenols and is obtained by a unique technology that does not involve chemical solvents, only water and ethanol.

Thanks to its unique formulation, CaffShock® is able to enhance attention, memory, energy levels and mental performance in general, while at the same time helping to reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue. CaffShock® is also an adjuvant for weight loss as it reduces the accumulation of fat.

Beneficial effects on triglycerides, fat, weight, and inflammation

In vitro studies have shown that CaffShock® can reduce the accumulation of triglycerides in pre-adipocyte cells (pre-fat cells), even in the presence of excessive calorie intake with the meal. The phytocomplex also proves to have a thermogenic effect, which helps reducing body fat mass. Furthermore, preclinical studies have demonstrated that CaffShock® significantly could inhibit the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines, especially IL6.

Beneficial effects on brain function

Recent studies have shown that caffein improves several brain functions, including memory, mood, alertness, energy level and general mental function, while chlorogenic acid and polyphenols have anxiolytic effects and antioxidant activity.

Food safety

The vegetable matrices used in CaffShock® are recognised and admitted by the Ministry of Health (Annex 1-Botanicals of the DM 10 August 2018), with approved health claims for tonic-adaptogenic activity, metabolic support, antioxidant activity, drainage of liquids, intestinal function, balance of body weight, stimulation of lipid metabolism.

Properties - beneficial for body and mind
  • Reduces the accumulation of fat in a high calorie meal.
  • Thermogenic effect
  • Adjuvant for weight loss
  • Decrease physical and mental tiredness.
  • Increase attention, memory, and mental performance.
  • Tonic-adaptogen action on the brain and anti-stress.

CaffShock® is ideal for sachets, capsules, tablets, hot and cold drinks, instant drinks, yoghurt, ice cream and snacks. The energy boosting extract is indicated for asthenia, weakness and recovery of energy memory, concentration and mood, people who want to lose weight and reshape their body, sportsmen and athletes as support during training and  competitions, students for the preparation of challenging exams, and adults in intense periods of work.

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