Innovative calcium solutions to maintain better health

DESTAB™ directly compressible calcium carbonate supports the development of sachets, tablet compression, and capsules with high palatability and exceptional bioavailability

Calcium is the most common mineral found in the body and is an essential key mineral supporting overall bodily health and functionalities. Particle Dynamics supports emerging calcium product needs that helps manage calcium deficiencies. According to Medical News Today (Newman, 2020), calcium plays an integral role in the human body as calcium helps:

  • Build bone health by boosting bone density
  • Support strong teeth
  • Regulate muscle contractions: calcium works synergistically with the proteins in the muscle to aid in muscular contractions and relaxation
  • Maintain cardiovascular health: calcium helps maintain the heart muscle functionality
  • Lowering blood pressure – linked to high calcium consumption
  • Improve cholesterol levels
  • Lower the risk in colorectal adenomas
  • Manage acid reflux
  • Prevent calcium deficiency health problems
Calcium product range

Particle Dynamics explores new approaches to great tasting tablets and capsules using flavoured ingredients and DESTAB™ direct compressed ingredients. Particle Dynamics’ DESTAB™ direct compressed Calcium Carbonate supports the development of sachets, tablet compression, and capsules. Complete packaging, stability and regulated documents support the efficacy of Particle Dynamics’ calcium product lines coupled with Drug Master Files for various product lines.

DESTAB™ is an innovative direct compressible excipient from precipitated calcium carbonate offering exceptional bioavailability with improved swallowability comprising grades that provide superior mouth feel for an ultimate organoleptic experience and more.

Particle Dynamics DESTAB™ direct compression advantages
  • Superior compaction properties at low compression forces
  • Decreased friability concerns
  • Improved flowability
  • Uniform particles
  • Low dust
  • Improves content uniformity of tablets
  • Ensures accurate dose delivery
  • Bulk density increased
  • Improved surface tension
  • Improved porosity
  • Reduced wear of tooling dies
    • Increased tooling life
    • Increased compression ease (fluid & cohesive powder flow properties)
    • High speed tablet compression – increased throughput
  • Eliminates powder segregation
  • Improves tableting: strength + compressibility = compactability
  • Minimises lot to lot variances
    • Reduces quality control concerns
    • Uniform tablet weights
Utilising the full benefits of DESTAB™ Calcium Carbonate 95/90 HD

Destab™ Calcium Carbonate 95/90 HD offers an advantage as its high density (HD) affords high loading elemental calcium ions into capsules.

The SmoothMask™ Calcium Citrate advantage

Extraordinary advantages exist for the direct compressible excipient called SmoothMask™ Calcium Citrate which enables smooth chewable tablets and can be used in sachets.

  • Delivers fortified and functional ingredients
    Increases palatability
  • Organoleptic smooth tasting delivery system for vitamins in chewable form
  • Supports trends: elevated convenience – what consumers want
  • Chew ‘On-the-Go’
  • Chew & Swallow (alternative to swallowing tablets/capsules)
  • Chewable vitamins break down easier before reaching the stomach creating easier faster bioavailability
  • Highly bioavailable calcium form
  • Supports calcium delivery for bodily health

About Particle Dynamics

Particle Dynamics is a contract manufacturer specialising in six key technologies and service lines which include spray drying, continuous granulation, microencapsulation, iron deficiency technologies, dose manufacturing and R&D/technical transfer services. In addition, Particle Dynamics holds leading global positions in direct compression products such as calcium and magnesium carbonates.

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