Dressings, Soups & Sauces Solutions.

Clean label texturisers – hot conditions

Get perfect texture and stability with clean label ingredients

Modified starches create nice textures and are developed to withstand harsh conditions and provide good stability. However, being chemically modified and carrying an e-number, consumers are moving away from products with these ingredients and are instead looking for products with simpler ingredients lists and closer to home-made.

What can replace modified starch in hot applications like soups and sauces? We give you two excellent examples below.

Alsiano Solutions.


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Rune Hammer, Area Sales Manager, Alsiano

Dressings, Soups & Sauces Solutions.


Dressings, Soups & Sauces Solution

Fat reduction in sauces & dressings

Dressings, Soups & Sauces Solution

Clean label texturing agents – cold conditions


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