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Coatings with superior appearance

We supply a range of flow, levelling and wetting agents that help achieving a superior appearance of your coatings. The additives are essential for preventing issues such as “orange peel”, Bernard cell formation, floating, flooding, craters, “fish eyes”, and fat edge (edge crawling). The levelling agents have strong surface tension reduction properties offering good wetting and levelling.

We provide levelling agents based on modified polydimethylsiloxanes suitable for solvent-borne, water-borne, and solvent-free systems, depending on the modification. Additionally, we offer polyacrylate surface control additives that help enhancing flow and levelling, some also acting as effective air-release agents. Lastly, we offer perfluoro-modified acrylic levelling agents with excellent long-wave levelling and anti-crater performance.

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Wetting agents

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Surface modifiers

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Levelling agents

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Magnus Steneby, Head of Nordic Sales, Industrial Solutions, Alsiano


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