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Innovative plant-based texturates for healthy, sustainable meat and fish alternatives

Alsiano provides a full range of texturates with great flexibility for formulation of plant-based meat and fish alternatives and hybrid products.

The Meatless® plant-based texturates from natural resources such as rice, faba bean and mycoprotein have a meat-like texture, good water holding capacity and heat stability and a clean taste. They are hypo-allergenic and provide free-from possibilities. The ready-to-use Meatless® texturates are flexible and builds on an easily scalable technology. Sustainable by design, the products are locally sources and low-processed.

Further to the Meatless® range, we also offer BENEOPRO W-Tex. This textured wheat protein mimics the texture and mouth-feel of meat when rehydrated and can therefore be used to fully replace meat in the formulation of vegetarian products. It can also be used as an extender in processed meat and poultry products.



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Anders Jonsson, Business Development Manager, Alsiano

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