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Anionic and nonionic surfactants

We supply a range of anionic and nonionic surfactants for paint and coatings. They are crucial components of paint and coatings serving various roles such as helping dispersing pigments, stabilising emulsions and suspensions, enhancing wetting of surfaces, and some also work as foaming agents.

Our line of anionic surfactants includes alkylbenzene sulfonic acids, alkylbenzene sulfonates, alkyl ether sulfates, fatty alcohol sulfates, hydrotropes (sulfonates), and sulfosuccinates, while the line of nonionic surfactants includes fatty acid alkanolamides and fatty alcohol ethoxylates.

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Alkylbenzene sulfonic acids

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Alkylbenzene sulfonates

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Alkyl ether sulfates

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Fatty alcohol sulfates

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Hydrotropes (sulfonates)

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Fatty acid alkanolamides

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Fatty alcohol ethoxylates

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