Gums, plant-based

Gums: multifunctional ingredients for foods

We supply a wide range of hydrocolloids extracted from plants or fruits which can act as viscosity enhancers, binders and gelling agents and provide textural and sensory properties. Our range includes gum Arabic/gum acacia (E414), guar gum (E412), locust bean gum (E410), tara gum (E417) and pectins (E440) from citrus, apple and beet sugar.


Acacia gum/gum Arabic (E414)

Spray-dried agglomerated powder (instant), milled powder, granules

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Guar gum (E412)

Native, neutral flavour, viscosity reduced, specific low viscous

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Locust bean gum, LBG (E410)

High, medium, low viscosity. For hot process.


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Pectin - citrus, apple, beet sugar (E440)

High methoxyl, low methoxyl, low methoxyl amidated.

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Tara gum (E417)

Native, viscosity reduced.

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Michael Telsing, Area Sales Manager, Alsiano

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