Replace Butyl Glycol with Kuraray’s MMB

Butyl Glycol undegoes labelling change due to new regulations classifying it as a hazardous solvent

From 1 December 2023, Butyl Glycol (CAS 111-76-2) will change its classification to toxic by inhalation within the European Community. For this reason, it will become toxic by  inhalation, according to the CLP regulation. As of 1 December 2023, Butyl Glycol will undergo a labelling change due to new regulations. This may result in significant changes to the compliance and safety of your finished products.

Please find information on this link to EUR-lex.

To enable our customers to maintain the correct business continuity, we propose some alternative substances to butyl glycol. Alsiano is delighted to present you with a solid alternative: Replace Butyl Glycol with Kuraray’s MMB!

Why choose Kuraray MMB?

MMB is a safe speciality solvent with good toxicity and eco-toxicity data. It has excellent stability in alkali, basic and acidic medium. Here are a few reasons why MMB is the ideal choice to replace Butyl Glycol:

  • Easy to formulate with – completely soluble in water
  • Good coalescing properties
  • Good alternative to hazardous solvents such as Butyl Glycol
MMB benefits in emulsions
  • Good particle size distribution in emulsions
  • Nice appearance and transparency
  • Good stability of the pre-emulsion
Would you like to know more about MMB?

Contact our team for more information about MMB and how it can replace Butyl Glycol in your products.

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