New partner: Beologic biobased compounds

Alsiano now offers bio-based compounds and other natural filled polymer compounds for reinforcement from Beologic

Alsiano has entered an agreement with Beologic for the Nordic and Baltic region and is now also member of Nordisk Bioplastförening (Nordic bioplastic association).

Beologic produces bio-based compounds and other polymer compounds with natural fillers for re-inforcement and is considered market leader in the supply of customized natural and mineral-filled compound.

New from Beologic is the BeoBase family of compounds offering a total solution for a new generation of packaging that is bio-based and compostable, with a matching look and feel. The only remaining drawback, however, has been the look (and feel) of the disposable packaging. Although genuinely bio-based and compostable, the green or black trays, cups, lids, cutlery … do not look as compostable/bio-based as they really are.

Interested in the different grades that we offer for thermoforming, injection, (film) extrusion, blow moulding, 3D printing? Contact us to learn more!

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