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Full traceability, experienced technical support and in-house manufacturing and testing of all products make Jost Chemical a preferred partner within minerals for food and nutritional products such as baby food and beverages

The baby food market is highly regulated, controlled and stringent since its consumers are a sensitive population with particular dietary needs, vulnerability to metal vagrants, and inability or the proneness to absorb several nutrients. The EC 1441/2007 Directive has strengthened the microbiological criteria for dried infant formula and dried follow-on formula. Consequently, the microbiological expectations of baby food manufacturers for raw materials have been increased.

As an FDA registered manufacturer operating under bulk pharmaceutical cGMP’s, Jost Chemical produces high quality minerals with lot-to-lot consistency meeting USP/EP/FCC specifications. Jost conducts the microbiological analysis in its own integrated laboratory and has developed the expertise to face the existing requirements.

Ultra pure minerals

Jost has developed a technology for manufacturing ultra-pure calcium salts with very low levels of aluminium, lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, Mercury, Manganese, Iron and other vagrant metals. This technology offers a step change in calcium purity with levels that can be 25-50 times lower than those materials produced using the traditional technology.

Aluminium. It is widely accepted that the not fully developed physiologies of infants’ gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and blood-brain barrier may predispose them to aluminium toxicity. It is generally accepted that aluminium is a health issue. Thanks to its unique technology, Jost can manufacture calcium salts (carbonate, citrate, phosphate tribasic, phosphate dibasic anhydrous) with aluminium levels of less than 5 ppm.

Lead, along with other heavy metals, is one of the most toxic metal contaminants known. Even at low levels, it is a cumulative poison that is retained in the body. The body cannot distinguish between calcium and lead; once lead enters the body, it is assimilated in the same manner as calcium. Because young children absorb calcium more readily, they also absorb 25-40% more lead per pound of body weight than adults do. Jost’s proprietary technology allows the production of materials with lead levels of less than 0.03 ppm which is virtually non-detectable.

Manganese. The retention rate of manganese for a new-born is 3 fold higher than an adult (and 6 fold higher for a premature infant than an adult). The highest retention of infants, especially those born prematurely, may reflect higher absorption efficiency but may also reflect less efficient excretory mechanisms. Manganese absorption is enhanced by iron deficiency. Jost’s proprietary technology allows the production of materials with Mn levels of less than 5 ppm at least and commonly less than 1 ppm.

Cadmium toxicity appears to weaken the immune system. Because Cadmium is retained in the kidney and liver, excessive exposure can lead to kidney disease and serious liver damage. Soya based infant formulas seem to be more sensitive to Cadmium contamination – probably because soya seeds tend to accumulate cadmium. Jost can manufacture high purity minerals with cadmium levels of less than 0.5 ppm.

Minerals with particle size consistency

In addition to low levels of contaminants, Jost pays particular attention to the particle size consistency of their products. The company has therefore developed and commercialised micronised mineral salts (<5 microns).

Particle size is a major consideration for infant formulas as it can impact the formulation homogeneity. Consequently, a higher homogeneity and stability will also lead to a higher assimilation of the mineral salt by the organism. In addition, an appropriate particle size can help keep insoluble salts suspended in liquid and eludes the sensory detection in mouth.

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