Home compostable and bio-based thermoplastic starch

AMITROPLAST® is a 100 % bio-based and home compostable thermoplastic starch for bioplastic compounds

As plastic pollution becomes more and more a serious problem, plastic producers increasingly take their responsibility to contribute to countermeasures to minimize and avoid plastic pollution. One aspect of these countermeasures is based on a circular economy. Waste collection, sorting and recycling is the challenging choice for fossil-based and non-degradable plastic materials.

For bio-based and bio-degradable materials, there are additional circular solutions available: composting or generation of energy. However, meeting the material properties for modern plastic products and, at the same time, maintaining compostability is a challenge. This challenge is tackled by AGRANA, using their unique expertise in processing of starch. In addition to being a leading European producer of technical starch products for construction, paper and adhesive industry, AGRANA also use this expertise to produce thermoplastic starch for bioplastic applications. The result is a range of bioplastic products that are not only compostable, but home compostable.

Bio-based and home compostable ingredients for bioplastic compounds

The special thermoplastic starch (TPS), Amitroplast®, is a 100 % bio-based and home compostable ingredient for bioplastic compounds. Amitroplast decreases the costs of bioplastic compounds and, moreover, contributes to sustainability with its 100 % bio-based content by fully closing the loop from cradle to cradle.

Based on renewable and non-genetically modified starch from regional sources, Amitroplast contains already all ingredients necessary to successfully compound it with other biopolymers. One such example is provided by AGRANA. Based on Amitroplast, AGRANA offers ready-to-use bioplastic compounds with up to 50 % biobased content under the name Agenacomp®. Agenacomp compounds are especially designed for film applications, but can also be employed in injection molding or thermoforming applications. Just as AGRANA’s Amitroplast, Agenacomp materials are fully bio-degradable and home compostable without leaving any bioplastic residues.

Table showing bio-degration at home-compost conditions

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