Clean texturisers for dressings and sauces

Label-friendly rice starches is the key to a perfect creamy texture

Clean label is the new norm! Consumers are increasingly going thoroughly through the ingredient lists when they shop in their quest for food products with clean and clear labelling. The interest is not only limited to recognizable and natural ingredients on the labels, it is also about health and nutrition and even sustainability and provenance.

The natural solution for label-friendly condiments

In sauces and dressings where the texture, mouthfeel and stability are important parameters, clean label rice starch offers a unique technical solution in the natural way.

Rice is found in almost any kitchen and is therefore a recognized and accepted ingredient. It is perceived as healthy, easy to digest and, importantly, rice is hypo-allergenic and namely gluten-free which is a feature that is also positioned high on the list of what many nutritionally conscious consumers look for.

Process stable solutions with perfect texture

Rice starches provide a soft and creamy texture thanks to their small granule size compared to starches from other sources and they are therefore excellent in condiments such as dressings and sauces. In addition, rice starch provides a nice gloss to the final product and a pleasant taste.

Together with Beneo, we offer a versatile range of clean label rice starches with high tolerance towards low pH, high temperatures and high shear. These rice starches are therefore well-suited for e.g. tomato sauces and salad dressings. In addition, they provide high product stability in terms of shelf-life and freeze-thaw stability.

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