Animal proteins

Proteins from dairy and eggs for nutrition formulations

We supply a range of proteins from animal source including dairy proteins and egg protein.

Applications include sports nutrition, meal replacement, clinical nutrition and infant nutrition.



PRODIET® micellar casein

Optimised casein/native whey protein ratio (92/8), high levels in bioavailable calcium.

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PRODIET® total milk proteins

Texturiser, yield increase.

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PRODIET® native whey proteins

Gellifying properties, texture booster, synerese reduction.

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PRODIET® protein hydrolysates

Protein hydrolysate (from casein or whey) with 15/20% hydrolysis degree, for clinical nutrition, infant nutrition, and sport nutrition.

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SPORT PLUS egg albumen powder

All 9 essential amino acids are present. All 3 BCCAs essential for intensive activity are naturally present.

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Lene Aarøe Nissen
Head of Nordic Sales
+45 22 70 10 02

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