Excipients for pharmaceuticals.


Pharma grade fillers for dry oral forms

We offer SEPISTAB™ ST 200 which is an excellent pharma grade filler in capsules and tablets, improving the flow of powders. The versatile starch mix excipient provides also binding and disintegrant properties. It can also be used as adsorption medium and it has an anti-capping action. SEPISTAB™ ST 200 filler complies with the European Pharmacopoeia pregelatinized corn starch monograph.

Included in our pharmaceutical grade range of fillers is a line of MCC microcrystalline cellulose including low nitrite grades. MCC is an excellent filler/diluent in both wet granulation and direct compression procedures. Its superior dilution capabilities, combined with outstanding compactibility, enable the creation of robust cores even at low compression pressures.


Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC)

Excellent filler and diluent. Low nitrite grade available

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Improves flow of powders. Complies with the European Pharmacopoeia pregelatinized corn starch monograph.

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Lene Aarøe Nissen, Head of Nordic Sales, Alsiano

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