Ultra pure Sodium Caprylate

New in the range of mineral salts: 100% pure and fully reacted Sodium Caprylate with low levels of Pb/Cd/As/Hg

Sodium Caprylate is now in our range of mineral salts from Jost Chemical.

Sodium Caprylate may be used for protection, separation and precipitation of proteins, and is frequently used in blood fractionation as a stabilizer to retain biological activity of pharmaceutical proteins such as human albumin solutions during pasteurization. Sodium Caprylate is often used in the bio industry for the special breeding selection of bacteria.

In addition, Sodium Caprylate can be used in cosmetics as an emulsifier and surfactant and in vitamin supplements, and it is commonly used in sanitizers, pesticides and disinfectants.

Fully reacted and high purity mineral salts

Jost mineral salts are fully reacted. The use of mineral salts containing unreacted compounds can lead to formulation stability problems and inaccurate ingredient declarations on the finished product.

Our Sodium Caprylate from Jost is ultra pure with the following levels of elemental impurities:

Heavy metals (as Pb) 10 ppm max
Arsenic (As) 1 ppm max
Lead (Pb) 10 ppm max
Mercury (Hg) 1 ppm max

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