TECA Pharma: not just an active, an API

Wound healing: TECA Pharma’s regenerative properties can be applied to many applications

In 1958, the first medicine based on TECA™ Pharma obtained its marketing authorization, demonstrating the efficacy, safety and quality of this API. Since then, several medicines have been launched with this API of which applications include:

Topical use: healing of wounds, burns, ulcers, scar treatment and prevention of scar tissue.

Oral use: symptoms alleviation and prevention in chronic venous insufficiency and diabetic microangiopathy.

New developments with TECA Pharma

The regenerative properties of TECA™ Pharma can be applied to a whole range of new applications, where it can bring a real benefit to patients:

  • Acne scar healing
  • Mucosae applications: hemorrhoids, after vaginal infection, buccal/gingival lesions …
  • Any situation where a disease or a treatment brings cutaneous / mucosal damages.

TECA™ Pharma has a potential in relation to many unmet needs, one such example being the diabetic foot ulcer. Asiaticoside, a major constituent of TECA™ Pharma, has been shown to facilitate diabetic wound healing. Several candidates based on Centella asiatica are now being evaluated for such conditions.

TECA Pharma is a reliable active

TECA™ Pharma is a highly purified extract manufactured under a GMP-certified process. An ASMF (Active Substance Master File) is deposited in several European countries to facilitate the regulatory filing of customers.

TECA Pharma - 60 years of efficacy & safety in pharmaceutical applications

  • Topical use: wound healing, burns, ulcers, scars
  • Oral use: venous insufficiency
  • For pharmaceutical & medical device development

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