Sustained release formulations to help boost your defenses

Natural excipient for sustained release tablets formulation

Immune health is one of the top dietary supplement categories, as more consumers each year are more and more interested in maintaining their health. Many active ingredients have been tested and accepted for their ability to support the immune system and overall health. Vitamin C is one of them. But the organism cannot absorb it in high doses. A sustained release formulation helps to maximize the absorption of vitamin C as it will gradually be released into the organism.

SEPISMART™ SR is a natural solution for sustained release formulations for high value dietary supplements and is a synergistic co-granulated combination of xanthan and acacia gums. The viscosity properties of the xanthan gum provides the sustained release effect and the good behavior to direct compression of acacia gum gives good tablet hardness.

How does SEPISMART™ work?

SEPISMART™ SR works by progressively releasing the active ingredients and is a natural alternative to cellulosic derivatives with a similar level of performance. The carefully selected combination of natural gums allows SEPISMART™ SR to swell immediately in the presence of water and form a thick gel layer around the tablet. As a result, the soluble active ingredients diffuse slowly through the gel layer whereas the insoluble ones are released gradually by tablet erosion.

tablet with sepismart for sustained release of actives
Easy-to-use in direct compression

Thanks to the synergistic effect of the gums and the process used, SEPISMART™ SR is easy-to-use in direct compression. SEPISMART™ SR has an excellent flowability and can be easily processed. Tablets containing SEPISMART™ SR show excellent results in terms of hardness and friability at low compression forces.

SEPISMART™ SR benefits
  • Optimizing the dosage of active ingredients in the formulation
  • Enhancing the absorption of nutrients with low bioavailability
  • Providing high value solutions and marketing differentiation to formulators
  • Avoiding any peak of active ingredients concentration with potential adverse effects
  • Reducing number of intakes for the consumers and improving consumer compliance

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