SEPIBLISS – comfort and soothing for modern skins

The first nutricosmetic ingredient dedicated to sensitive and reactive skins - neuro-soothing, anti-inflammatory, protective actions

Skin sensitivity is usually defined by unpleasant sensations in response to aggressions that normally should not provoke such reactions. Itching, ting-ling, redness, irritation are various manifestations.

These reactions can be induced by many external stressors (UV exposure, dry heat, extreme weather conditions, pollution, smoking, poor food habits and alcohol consumption) but also by internal factors (hormonal change, emotional stress or alteration of the barrier function of the skin). It could be a temporary or long term condition and it is observed on different parts of the body such as the face, hands, and legs.

Today, 50% of the population is concerned by sensitive skin. It is important to address the challenge of this specific skin condition.

Natural and efficient solutions

Consumers are always looking for more efficient and convenient solutions to take care of their skin. Nutritional solutions offer a deep, global and long term action in just a simple gesture, and are easy to take on-the-go or at home.

Also, consumers are paying more and more attention to labels and origin of products. This can be considered even truer for a person with sensitive skin, as skin reactivity undoubtedly drives awareness toward natural and additive free products.

SEPIBLISS™ - active science inspired by nature

SEPIBLISS™ is a virgin coriander seed oil, which is locally produced in the south-west of France, and its manufacturing process does not involve any solvent. It contains no additives and is suitable for vegetarian, kosher and halal diets.

SEPIBLISS™ has been developed to offer a comprehensive soothing effect for sensitive skin: reducing skin reactivity to skin stressors via a neuro-soothing action and an anti-inflammatory action, and better protecting the skin against aggressions, via an antioxidant action and a barrier reinforcing action.

Its skin soothing and anti-inflammatory activities have been demonstrated with in vitro models on human keratinocytes and human keratinocytes-neurons co-culture.

SEPIBLISS™ - skin benefits

SEPIBLISS™ offers three skin benefits to consumers:

  • Fighting and resisting a wide range of aggressions like UV, pollution, and stress.
  • Comforting and soothing sensitive, reactive and atopic prone skins.
  • Reducing unpleasant reactions: itching, tingling, irritation, blushing, etc.

SEPIBLISS™ offers opportunities to develop formula dedicated to soothing and reducing symptoms of skin reactivity or more classic nutricosme-tics formula (hydration, anti-aging, UV, glowing) that are specific for sensitive skin.

SEPIBLISS™ - Comprehensive approach to soothe sensitive skin

  • 100% virgin coriander seed oil
  • Designed for food supplements
  • Dedicated to sensitive and reactive skins
  • Science driven (in vitro data)

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