Pharmaceutical grade Squalane – new at Alsiano

From our new partner Kuraray, we now offer Squalane for pharmaceutical ointments and creams

Squalane is a well-known product used by the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries in various galenic forms.
To produce creams and ointments that protect and repair the skin, formulators have sought an ideal ingredient already present in our skin: Squalene. Squalene is a key component of the sebum layer that covers the skin, but it is prone to oxidation during storage, altering its properties. Squalane (C30H60) is a chemically stabilised form of Squalene with a similar skin compatibility, a high moisturizing power and non-irritant.

High purity Squalane compliant with demanding regulations

There are three sources of Squalane: olive, shark liver and synthetic. So why choose Kuraray’s synthetic Squalane? As the leading manufacturer of synthetic Squalane, Kuraray guarantees high purity, quality and compliancy to the latest European Pharmacopoeia. You can trust that Kuraray’s Squalane is a top choice ingredient for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

To find out more or for a sample, feel free to contact our team.

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