Appealing coating with rice starch

Looking for appealing coatings? Try clean label rice starch! Coating with rice starch enables smooth and white tablets with a clean label

All natural, no additives, no preservatives, organic – all the right buzz words to catch consumers’ attention. Over the last decade, there has been a noticeable rise in product launches with a cleaner and transparent label and the worldwide market pull shows no sign of abating.

BENEO regular rice starch, REMY B7, contributes to a high level of whiteness in tablet coatings. This makes it a natural choice for colour coatings with a cleaner label. Thanks to its very small granule size, BENEO rice starch can also easily smoothen rough surfaces of the tablet during the coating process.

Clean label coating solution with REMY B7

Remy B7 native rice starch has a very fine granule size (2-8 micron) and a smooth granule surface giving it a smoothening effect. The starch shows very good adhesion properties and is imperceptible in the mouth. Coating with Remy B7 results in natural white end product thanks to the ingredient’s natural whitening effect. On the product label, it is simply declared as “(rice) starch” (= clean label).

What are the benefits of coating with Remy B7?

  • Smooth and white tablet coatings
  • A clean label ingredient solution
  • Reduction of drying time during the coating process, increasing production capacity
  • No impact on sensorial properties of the final product

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