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New in antimicrobial solutions for personal care products

Jover launches VERCATECH CGE-CAPRY, new powerful multifunctional ingredient for natural replacement of Ethylhexylglycerin in e.g. deo applications, and shares the result from a new study on VERCATECH PENTYFORCE G - already clinically proven microbiota friendly - when used in intimate care formulations with high compatibility, hydration and comfort.

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ISOPENTYLDIOL multifunctional ingredient for cosmetics

ISOPENTYLDIOL is a multi-purpose cosmetic ingredient with emulsifying and emollient properties providing moisturisation and a pleasant skin feel

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PRIMALHYAL™ HYDRA[+], a novel hyaluronic acid that redefines the hydration gold standard

Givaudan launches HA with never-before-seen instant and long-lasting efficacy enhanced by high-level cationisation

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