30 May. Aarhus DK

Personal Care Seminar 2024 – Aarhus

Join us for a great day of inspiration

Come join us for a rewarding event where our partners Givaudan, and Kuraray will share insights into cutting-edge active cosmetic ingredients and multifunctional ingredients.

The topics
Beyond trends

Givaudan Active Beauty dive into three macro-drivers that define the world we live in and give their take on how they will influence consumers’ lives and more specifically their choices in Beauty and Personal Care.

  • Emotional Intelligence: incorporating an emotional and healing approach will be the key to restoring balance.
  • Epidermal rewilding: enhancing skin’s natural ecosystem for health and protection.
  • Health reversals: the new frontier of health reversals – supercharging life and longevity through augmented lifestyles.

Examples of key raw materials relevant to the trends will be included in the presentations, among others their latest innovations Neuroglow™, Silk iCare™, Illuminyl™ 388 and Primalhyal™ Life 50.

Multi-purpose ingredients for easy formulation and solving formulation issues

Kurary product range includes versatile ingredients that simplify formulation processes and address common challenges, allowing you not only to streamline your ingredient list but also enhance the overall quality and effectiveness of your final personal care products. Get insight into:

  • Isopentyldiol (IPD) for improved sensory, formulation and manufacturing benefits:
    • How IPD enables a 4-in-1 skin care product.
    • Hair care alternative to silicone.
    • A solution provider for formulators.
  • Methoxymethylbutanol (MMB) – the specialty solvent for high quality, safe and long-lasting air fresheners:
    • The air freshener trend.
    • The benefits of MMB for air fresheners.
    • Solving air freshener issues with MMB.
Date & location

30 May 2024 – 09.00-15.00

Horisont Hotel & Konference
Agro Food Park 10
DK-8200 Aarhus

The speakers

Givaudan Active Beauty crafts avantgarde cosmetic actives and high-end specialties that make people look and feel good. Givaudan brings nature’s most precious gifts to the art of personal care in the form of biotech & botanical high-performing molecules, delighting consumers. Their extensive portfolio of award-winning skin & hair ingredients spans a variety of benefits for human beauty. Backed by solid scientific recognition and consumers’ awareness, Givaudan remains at the cutting edge of this rapidly expanding market to deliver sustainable solutions supporting the growth of their customers.


Kuraray is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals with unique technical added value. From skin care and face masks to shampoo, conditioners and shower gels: alongside emollients and moisturisers, many toiletries and cosmetic products need active ingredients that enhance the stability of formulations. Kuraray markets advanced, high-quality multi-functional ingredients, innovation and safe products for the cosmetics industry.

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