New in antimicrobial solutions for personal care products

Jover launches VERCATECH CGE-CAPRY, new powerful multifunctional ingredient for natural replacement of Ethylhexylglycerin in e.g. deo applications, and shares the result from a new study on VERCATECH PENTYFORCE G - already clinically proven microbiota friendly - when used in intimate care formulations with high compatibility, hydration and comfort.

We are pleased to introduce the latest in advanced antimicrobial systems from Jover comprising the recently introduced VERCATECH CGE-CAPRY, which is a new antimicrobial for e.g. deodorant applications. Furthermore, Jover shares their new results from studies on use of VERCATECH PENTYFORCE G in intimate care products which demonstrates why it is an excellent ingredient for this type of product.

Green antimicrobial for deodorant applications

VERCATECH CGE-CAPRY (INCI name: Capryl Glyceryl Ether and Caprylyl Glycol) is an innovative natural alternative to Ethylhexylglycerin. Derived from sustainable and 100% biobased sources, this new antimicrobial is not only gentler on the skin but also boasts a high yield at a low dosage of use. With proven multifunctional benefits, including powerful deodorant-boosting activity, VERCATECH CGE-CAPRY is the smart choice for your skin and hair care formulations with a green and natural profile and proven effectiveness against yeasts, moulds and bacteria.

VERCATECH CGE-CAPRY can replace Ethylhexylglycerin one to one, offering the same antimicrobial performance. This multifunctional ingredient is also excellent for multiple emulsions applications and can also serve as a booster for conventional and alternative preservatives.

Antimicrobials that respect the microbiota - new results on intimate care

VERCATECH PENTYFORCE G (INCI name: PentylenGlycol and Glyceryl Caprylate) is another member of the VERCATECH range of multifunctional ingredients with antimicrobial effect. This innovative biodegradable ingredient from sustainable natural sources with wide spectrum antimicrobial properties and clinically proven to reduce the TEWL, is specially designed for sensitive skin formulations.

VERCATECH PENTYFORCE G is microbiome-friendly which means that it respects the microbiome and is therefore particularly well-suited for intimate care products. In a recent gynaecological use test, a clinical study involving 20 healthy volunteers was conducted testing the appreciation of a cosmetic product for vaginal application. 80% of the volunteers considered that hydration was improved and a feeling of comfort in the intimate areas was noticed. Furthermore, 80% of the volunteers considered that the product respected the intimate area.

Feel free to contact us if you would like more information on VERCATECH CGE-CAPRY and VERCATECH PENTYFORCE G.

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