New organic antioxidants solution [N.A.S.]™ Rosemary 01 challenges BHT

Givaudan Active Beauty’s Natural Antioxidant Solution [N.A.S.] is crafted by green fractionation to outperform synthetic antioxidants offering pure and natural claims to the cosmetics market

Givaudan Active Beauty strengthens its portfolio by launching [N.A.S.]™ ROSEMARY 01, a functional cosmetic ingredient that challenges butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) by outperforming its efficacy in a natural and organic way. Crafted by green fractionation from rosemary sustainably sourced mainly in Morocco, this new ingredient offers antioxidant benefits superior to BHT and BHA and some natural solutions while protecting botanical oils and stabilising colours.

The ability to offer beauty products that retain the perfect aspect, odour and colour is essential in the cosmetics industry. This first proof of product quality visible to the consumer ensures a positive perception and helps secure consumer loyalty. However, it is still challenging for formulators today to create a 100% natural origin formulation due to the use of synthetic preservatives.

[N.A.S.]™ ROSEMARY 01 is an organic certified ingredient crafted by green fractionation from handpicked rosemary leaves, sustainably sourced mainly in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. Controlled through IDPack (1), an exhaustive set of analyses including botanical observation, DNA analysis, HPTLC and HPLC measurement, this antioxidant solution is able to offer pure and natural claims to the cosmetics market.

Yohan Rolland, Global Category Manager, said: “The current set of synthetic antioxidants used in cosmetic products, such as BHA, BHT and synthetic tocopherols, are effective but contested by an increasing number of consumers. Our scientists rose to the challenge of finding organic and even more efficient alternatives to offer formulators a sustainable way to create finished cosmetic products with 100% natural origin ingredients.”

[N.A.S.]™ ROSEMARY 01 demonstrates high efficacy compared with BHT and BHA

Several tests were performed to demonstrate the efficacy of [N.A.S.]™ Rosemary 01 compared with synthetic antioxidants. All demonstrate higher efficacy on aggressive temperature and light exposure conditions, showing that our ingredient is:

  • A better antioxidant, 2.3 times more efficient than BHT, and 3.3 times more efficient than BHA.
  • Able to protect an oil-soluble colouring agent in MCT more than 2 times better than BHT and synthetic competitor.
  • Able to protect water-soluble colouring agents in emulsion more than 2 times better than BHT and synthetic tocopherols.

[N.A.S.]™ Rosemary 01 outperforms synthetic antioxidants in all categories, making it one of the best natural alternatives in the cosmetics market.


(1) IDPack has been developed by our phytochemists to characterise the unique composition of a botanical raw material to demonstrate its authenticity

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